Learn-OCaml is an online platform designed to support OCaml teaching: everything happens in the browser (students do not have to install OCaml on their machines to use it), and it provides facilities to reuse, write and deploy auto-graded exercises.

Have a look at our demo instance.

The platform is completely free software, see the source code repository. We are funding the continued technical evolution of the platform.

To use the platform, the recommended approach for now is to deploy your own instance of the platform software – this is a fairly simple process, we deploy local instances routinely (for a course, a summer school, etc). See our documentation on how to setup the platform, write auto-graded exercises, and deploy the platform locally. We are working on creating an instance server that would make it easy to create new instances without hosting them; this is still in-progress.

We are also growing an open corpus of exercises which you can pick and reuse for your own teaching. If you develop your own exercises or teaching material, please consider contributing them to this open corpus for other teachers to reuse. We have on the occasion provided financial compensation to teachers creating new, high-quality exercises; get in touch if you are interested.

The Learn-OCaml software was initially developed by OCamlPro for the needs of the OCaml MOOC, and was later generalized as a versatile OCaml-teaching platform. The ongoing work of the OCaml Software Foundation on the Learn-OCaml platform is driven (and, in large part, done directly) by Yann Régis-Gianas.