The OCaml Software Foundation is a (non-profit) foundation whose mission is to promote, protect, and advance the OCaml programming language and its ecosystem, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of OCaml users.

We collects donations from our sponsors, companies, entities or people interested in growing the OCaml programming language, and redistribute these resources to grow, support and strengthen the OCaml community.


The OCaml programming language and its community emphasize the development of correct, powerful software that we can reason about, in particular thanks to the functional programming style. OCaml favors good, simple designs; its barrier to entry is lower than other functional programming languages. A vibrant community of free software developers share the resulting designs and ideas, for the benefit of all programmers, in any language. Systems that were improved by using OCaml technology include Facebook Messenger, the Coq mathematics assistant, and Docker for Mac and Windows. Supporting the OCaml language and ecosystem strengthens diversity, safety, expressivenes and simplicity in the software world.

Some of our recent actions

We support the development of the Learn-OCaml exercise platform and try to facilitate its adoption by teachers. We provided financial support to some early-adopters of the Learn-OCaml platform (McGill university). We are funding teachers to grow a shared corpus of high-quality exercises. We also provided financial support to run new editions of the OCaml MOOC, open to everyone.

We support the evolution and maintenance of the OCaml software ecosystem. Over the course of the OCaml 4.10 release process, we are funding work by Kate Deplaix to have a wide look at the ecosystem and improve compatibility with the upcoming release. We are also funding improvements to the OCaml Reference manual, and a development sprint for the Owl scientific computing project.

For a more complete view, see our past and current actions.

Our current sponsors

If your company would like to contribute in supporting and advancing the OCaml programming language and its community, please consider becoming a sponsor too!