About us

The actions of the OCaml Software Foundation are directed by an Executive Committee which currently consists of

Nicolás Ojeda Bär (sponsor representative)

Damien Doligez (advisor)

Xavier Leroy (advisor)

Kim Nguyễn (representative of the teaching community)

Gabriel Scherer (director)

We regularly discuss our actions, internally, with an Advisory Board consiting of representants of each of our sponsors -- see how to become a sponsor.

Blandine Bussière and Le Thi Thanh Tam, employees of the INRIA Foundation, provide the administrative and legal support that make our actions possible.


Michel Mauny created and launched the OCaml Software Foundation in 2017, he served as director until December 2018. Yann Régis-Gianas served as teacher representative until December 2019. Alan Schmitt served as interim director from October 2022 until March 2023. He is now assistant for the foundation.

The OCaml Foundation logo and website were designed by Bettina Steinbrecher.

On the legal side

The OCaml Software Foundation (OCSF) is a sub-foundation of the INRIA Foundation. It is a charity/non-profit -- read our statutes for more details.