Tax benefits

French tax payers receive a tax receipt upon demand. For other countries, please contact us.

Classes and donation levels


Each member of the Sponsor class may have one representative in the Advisory Board. Sponsors may therefore participate directly to the design of priorities and recommendations that are sent to the Executive Committee, with a stronger vote for higher classes.

Unless they explicitly ask for anonymity, they also gain visibility in the OCaml community with their logo appearing on the OCaml Software Foundation sponsors page, and by being mentioned in some of the messages published by the Foundation (Platinum, Gold and Silver only).

  • Platinum: for a donation ≥ 50 000 €
  • Gold: for a donation ≥ 25 000 €
  • Silver: for a donation ≥ 15 000 €
  • Bronze: for a donation ≥ 5 000 €
  • Academic:  for a donation ≥ 4 000 € (only for schools, universities and public research institutions)


Donators have (collectively) one – elected – representative in the Advisory Board. Their name appears in the donators page, unless they ask for anonymity.

  • Corporate: for a donation ≥ 1 000 €
  • Individual: for a donation ≥ 100 €


The OCaml Software Foundation also accepts non-financial support, from individual wishing to help, and who accept to have their name to appear in the list of members.