Becoming a Sponsor

Supporting the OCaml Software Foundation contributes to supporting and strengthening the OCaml community. If your company or institution builds on top of the OCaml programming language, ecosystem and community -- and if you are interested in supporting our actions -- please consider becoming a sponsor of the OCaml Software Foundation.

To become a sponsor, you should choose a sonsporship level below, and contact the Executive Board (about us), for example by email at .

The OCaml Software Foundation is a non-profit foundation of public interest (legally it is a sub-foundation "fondation abritée" of the Fondation Partenariale INRIA, located in France).

Sponsorship levels

Sponsorship levels correspond to the following yearly donations to the foundation:

  • Platinum: 50K€ or more
  • Gold: 25K€ or more
  • Silver: 15K€ or more
  • Bronze: 5K€ or more

We also have a specific sponsorship level for academic organizations (universities, labs, etc.), at 4K€ or more.

Anonymous sponsorship is possible.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the foundation is populated by representatives of our sponsors. It is a forum to share information among industrial and academic users of OCaml and active members of the community, to identify and discuss priorities and pain points in the OCaml community that the foundation can help with.